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Avoiding pressure over power of attorney

Wisconsin residents who are planning their estate often overlook a power of attorney. Such a document can be useful because it appoints someone to manage the principal's financial affairs in the event of incapacity. However, it is important that people do not feel pressured to name a particular person as the agent in this power of attorney or to grant certain powers to that agent.

Tips for executors

Wisconsin residents who are creating an estate plan may wonder what the duties of an executor are. The first thing an executor must do is get copies of the death certificate from the funeral home. It is best to get a number of these as they will be required when informing agencies and institutions about a person's death including the Social Security Administration, life insurers and banks.

Good reasons to give gifts prior to death

Wisconsin residents may have many reasons to give planned gifts prior to passing away. This may be beneficial for those who are looking to minimize their tax burden and the one that their heirs may face. For instance, it may be a good idea to create a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust as they may provide individuals with tax relief right away.

Changes to make to your estate plan if you are recently divorced

Getting through a divorce is no small feat. It is often referred to as one of the most painful and stressful life events a person can experience. If you are recently divorced, you are probably all too ready to move forward and away from the legal system.

4 conversations wealthy parents should have with their kids

Having a lot of money comes with some concerns and obligations people often overlook or minimize. For instance, as a wealthy parent, you will likely have to have some difficult conversations with your kids about money and what will happen to your wealth when you are gone.

Who are my heirs?

When it comes to planning your estate, naming your heirs is one of the most crucial steps you will take. This is because the way you name your heirs and how you distribute your assets to them may vary from the way the courts would do it.

Planning for a baby? Consider planning for your estate as well

If you are expecting a child, whether it is your first or fifth, there is a lot of planning to do. You need to get the nursery ready, find childcare for when Mom and Dad return to work and figure out a budget, including how you might save for your child's college. All this is on top of taking care of the mother and ensuring the baby is safe and healthy.

Heading off challenges to your will

You have decided to make your estate plan. You should be proud of yourself. A very small percentage of people take the time to make those arrangements. It is a compassionate thing to do for your family. Since you are taking this major step, you want to make sure you are not wasting your time by creating a will that will only cause confusion and contention among your heirs.

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