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Key points about child support in a Wisconsin family law case

Family law disputes in Wisconsin are rarely easy. One issue that is particularly concerning is child support. Parents will often have questions about various aspects of their case, including whether post-decree modifications are possible and whether there are tax considerations.

Before taking the necessary steps to address these issues, understanding the basic facts is essential. Regarding a possible child support modification, the amount that is paid often hinges on the parents' income, how many children they have and how much time parents spend with the children. When deciding if there should be a modification, all factors like spousal support will be assessed by the court. A critical factor in a modification is whether there was a significant change like job loss or an unexpected windfall.

Climate change could significantly impact real estate markets

Successful investors in Wisconsin and around the country anticipate market trends and act accordingly. These trends are generally either economic or social, but it is scientific developments that are currently causing the most concern in the commercial real estate sector. This is because the latest science suggests that climate change could drastically alter the real estate landscape over the next half-century and wreak havoc on some of the nation's most lucrative markets.

Changing weather patterns are already having an impact. Natural disasters such as wildfires, floods and mudslides cost the economy more than $300 billion in 2017, and most of the damage was done to commercial and residential real estate. However, it is anticipated sea level rises over the next few decades that have developers and investors most concerned. To get a better understanding of what this means for real estate markets, some of the most prominent investment firms have opted to put significant resources into climate-change-related risk assessment.

More courts encouraging shared parenting duties post-divorce

While mothers in Wisconsin and other parts of the country are still likely to get more time with their kids in the event of a divorce, dads are no longer being kept out of the parenting loop. Over the years, the tendency to side with the mother has shifted to the point where more courts are encouraging divorcing parents to share parenting duties instead of automatically opting for sole custody.

While circumstances can vary, courts today often have an initial inclination towards two-parent child custody for legal purposes. However, for logistical reasons, equally splitting residential custody is not as common as splitting legal custody equally. Even so, a Seton Hall University law professor believes residential custody does not automatically favor the mother. Also, according to a 2014 study, 80 percent of mothers were granted sole custody in 1980. By 2008, that figured dropped to just over 40 percent.

Dealing with tenants who don't follow the rules

Owning rental properties has its benefits. You have a passive form of income, a stable investment and the opportunity to meet people from many walks of life. If you are skilled at repairs and renovations, you may enjoy the challenges that arise daily when your tenants have issues with their units or the appliances within.

Perhaps the most common drawback of being a landlord is dealing with problem tenants. Even a thorough screening process, which is critical to have in place, cannot always protect you from tenants who cause you grief. You may have questions about what to expect in this situation and the steps you can legally take to deal with it.

DIY estate plans versus face-to-face legal consultations

In Wisconsin and across the United States, many people handle their estate planning via less expensive online legal services. Although drafting a will via a do-it-yourself website sounds like a good idea, this method can cause unexpected errors. For instance, the plan may contain typos or incorrect labels on the packages. Plus, some online estate plans may not include all of the essential documents. Even though online estate planning websites employ lawyers for legal advice, consumers cannot have personal consultations without paying exorbitant fees.

Additionally, some individuals have complex financial assets requiring more legal attention than the information found at an online website. Although most people today prefer doing things on their own via the internet, a personal consultation is often warranted. Many options exist for people who want to plan their own estates via online websites or software programs. The less expensive price for using a website or buying software appeals to the average consumer. However, an estate plan that's not thorough can lead to many problems down the road.

The pros and cons of assuming a mortgage after divorce

When a Wisconsin resident is awarded the family home during a divorce, there are a lot of serious questions they will need to answer. They will need to look at who will live in the home and who can afford to actually stay in it. These are serious matters that need to be considered. If the decision is not to sell the home, a new group of options open up.

The first option is to keep the joint mortgage of the home. In this scenario, both spouses are liable for the joint mortgage. Understandably, this is a scenario where trust is a must. If one former spouse opts to not pay the mortgage at any given time, it could damage the other's credit rating.

Trusts for people who want to be cryogenically frozen

A Wisconsin resident who wishes to undergo the process of being cryogenically frozen at death might also be concerned about having access to funds on revival. A revival or future income trust can be created to allow this.

This type of trust is controversial for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that it is unclear that reviving a person who has been cryogenically frozen is even possible. In the United States, cryogenic freezing is primarily done by two companies, one in Michigan and one in Arizona. The cost ranges from $28,000 to $200,000. Around 400 people have been frozen, and roughly another 1,500 have arranged to do so. The process involves removing water from the cells in the body and placing the body in a large vessel. Cell activity is stopped by the presence of liquid nitrogen.

Do-over trusts may allow grantors to revamp old trusts

People in Wisconsin who have gotten ahead of the game and established trusts as part of their estate plans may sometimes have cause to regret it. Those who create an irrevocable dynasty trust, for example, when their children are young might later feel that they should have drafted the terms of the trust differently. The estate planning environment decades ago did not anticipate the specific social and economic changes that could operate to make trust terms counterproductive.

At the conclusion of 2018, 25 states had passed statutes that allowed grantors to change the terms of their irrevocable trusts. The actual operation of the statutes vary from state to state, but they generally allow the original trust to be decanted. This allows the grantor to move the assets from an old irrevocable trust nto a new one and allows him or her to use different trust terms to reflect the grantor's changed goals and circumstances. These are sometimes referred to as do-over trusts.

Is your business ready to expand?

If one of your resolutions for the New Year was to expand your business, it is not too late to see that happen. Expanding a business can increase your profits, widen your customer base and build a solid reputation as a dependable and firmly established Wisconsin enterprise.

Of course, it is not as simple as just finding a new location and moving in. In fact, many business owners who open a new store without making appropriate preparations find that they actually damage their existing location. To avoid that possibility, you will want to move forward with caution and obtain as much information about the process as you can.

Children, divorce, texting and social media

There are many reasons parents in Wisconsin should be concerned about the usage of social media and texting by their children. However, in cases in which the parents have divorced, the use of the modern forms of communication can be beneficial. This is according to the results of a study that evaluated parent-child relationships after a divorce.

The results of the research also indicated when the children and the parent no longer resided in the same household after a divorce but did remain in contact, the state of the relationship between the divorced parents did not matter. The communication between the children and parent was the most important factor in the parent-child relationship.

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