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March 2017 Archives

Drawing the line: The importance of boundaries in real estate

When people buy a home or commercial space, figuring out just how big the property is will typically be a top priority. You might read about square footage or acreage, and then look at fences and other property markers and assume you have all the information you need.

Heading off challenges to your will

You have decided to make your estate plan. You should be proud of yourself. A very small percentage of people take the time to make those arrangements. It is a compassionate thing to do for your family. Since you are taking this major step, you want to make sure you are not wasting your time by creating a will that will only cause confusion and contention among your heirs.

3 challenges of moving from online to brick-and-mortar stores

Countless companies are born online and operate that way indefinitely. However, the business landscape is constantly changing. For instance, companies like Amazon and those mentioned in this Forbes article are taking their virtual services into the real world.

Think you've leased commercial space? You might be wrong

Finding a space to operate your business can be more complicated than you expect. Of course, there is the challenge of finding a place that is in the right location and isn't too expensive, and you may also need to negotiate terms of a lease agreement with the property owner. 

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