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November 2017 Archives

Common errors with beneficiary designations

When Wisconsin residents are creating an estate plan, they might think about wills and trusts and forget about beneficiary designations. These are documents that people sign to name a beneficiary for assets such as a retirement account. Sometimes, they are neglected after life changes.

How do I ask for a prenup?

If you are a child of divorce, you probably have very clear memories of the drama your parents went through during that time. Perhaps you witnessed screaming fights or the cancerous tension that grew into lifelong resentment. Maybe, after the divorce was over, you watched your custodial parent struggle to make ends meet because the divorce left him or her with nothing.

Estate planning is for everyone

Many people living in Wisconsin understand the importance of having a will. They know that a will can protect their assets and prevent their loved ones from having to go through a lengthy court process. However, there is more to estate planning than writing a will, and even those who have modest assets can benefit from certain legal strategies.

Factors that may lead to divorce

Most couples in Wisconsin get married without thinking their marriage will end in divorce. However, the fact is that divorce occurs often and may even be predictable. Researchers have found that there are several factors that predict future divorces.

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