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Chances of getting a divorce

Married couples in Wisconsin may work hard to make sure that their marriages last. However, they may be interested to learn about certain factors that can make them more likely to get a divorce.

The chances that a marriage will last decrease if an individual has been divorced before. Data from the Center for Disease Control indicate that almost 35 percent of first marriages will last no longer than a decade. For people who are in their second marriage, the chances increase to 40 percent.

Another factor that can affect the likelihood of a divorce involves individuals whose biological parents were divorced. Almost 20,000 adults were evaluated for a divorce study. These adults, who had been adopted as children, exhibited marriage and divorce traits that were more like those of their biological parents than their adoptive parents.

One reason for this is that children can inherit personality traits from their parents. Some traits, such as impulsivity and neuroticism, are associated with an increased likelihood of divorce.

People who do not share the same alcohol consumption habits as their partners also have a higher chance of getting divorced. Researchers at the University of Buffalo conducted a study in 2014 that indicated that for couples in which one spouse drank heavily and the other spouse did not, the percentage of couples that got a divorce within a decade of getting married was 45 to 55 percent. However, if both spouses shared the same drinking habits, the portion of couples who divorce was only 35 percent.

A family law attorney may assist clients with resolving divorce legal issues. The attorney may advise using negotiation to arrive at settlement terms for child support, alimony, paternity actions or property division. If necessary, the attorney may engage in litigation to protect the rights of a client.

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