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December 2017 Archives

Choosing other beneficiaries besides a spouse

When people in Wisconsin create an estate plan, it is important to make provisions in case their beneficiaries cannot inherit or pass on property. One common example is if spouses own their home in joint tenancy with survivorship. This seems like a safe plan, but there can be problems if one becomes incapacitated and then the other dies.

Disney moves to acquire 21st Century Fox Entertainment Holdings

Disney recently announced that it is purchasing a large stake in 21st Century Fox. Through this expansive deal, Disney will acquire a whole host of media and entertainment properties, which include television and film studios and cable providers. Like many other mergers and acquisitions, Disney's Fox transaction will have to receive regulatory approval from the U.S government. Regulators are particularly keen to scrutinize business sales and purchases that leave industries dominated by handfuls of massive entities.

Corporations and LLCs offer unique protections

As you consider starting your own company, you may have many questions about the best way to structure your business. You may have heard advice from people who suggest that certain business entities can provide more benefits than others, but such advice may be contradictory and confusing.

Estate planning and asset valuation in the digital age

The estate planning and management process has been complicated in recent years by the increased importance of online identities and digital lives. Individuals in Wisconsin may want to keep certain factors in mind when developing an estate plan to cover not only real and personal property but digital property as well.

Divorce support teams

When a couple in Wisconsin divorces, both spouses are in a vulnerable position. The end of a marriage is a major, and sometimes traumatic, change that can affect various aspects of an individual's life. That's why assembling a support team is very important.

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