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March 2018 Archives

Buyers remain confident despite low inventory of homes

House hunters in Wisconsin, for the most part, can expect a competitive environment when they try to buy a home in 2018. Responses to a survey prepared by indicate that buyers are optimistic about their chances of finding the perfect home even though many of them have been searching for months.

Retirement funds can be primary concern in divorce

Many couples in Wisconsin who decide to divorce have discovered that untangling their financial lives is even more complex than separating their personal and emotional ones. Retirement funds are often the largest asset that belongs to a couple's marital property, and the distribution of these funds during a divorce settlement can be difficult and challenging, especially when both parties are dependent on these accounts for their future financial stability.

A special needs trust may help you provide for your child

As the parent of a child with special needs, you certainly do not consider his or her disabilities as something that holds him or her back. You undoubtedly embrace your child's differences as part of his or her wonderful personality, physical appearance and general being. You likely have no intention of making your child feel as if he or she should be held back by any disabilities.

Why a trust may be the right choice for adult children

One error that Wisconsin parents might make in creating an estate plan is passing on assets directly to adult children who might be irresponsible with them. While it is not uncommon for parents to place assets in a trust for the benefit of minor children, they might not think to do so for adult children.

Inheritances and child support judgments

Wisconsin residents who are creating estate plans should make sure that their beneficiaries do not have issues with creditors. Otherwise, those creditors could seize their inheritances. In one case, a woman left her house to her three sons. However, one of them had a child support judgment that prevented him from being able to take possession.

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