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Ways to manage selling and buying a home at the same time

When people in Wisconsin want to sell a home and find a new one to buy, timing and financial pressures represent great challenges. People who sell their homes before they secure new residences face a time crunch. Alternatively, people trying to buy homes while still saddled with mortgages on their other homes operate at a disadvantage in the real estate market. To overcome these tricky situations, experts have some strategies that might help.

Estate planning is always ongoing

Wisconsin residents may believe that thorough estate planning is nothing more than creating and executing their estate plan documents. While this may constitute the bulk of estate planning work, it isn't the end of the planning process. For instance, it may be necessary to review beneficiary designations on financial accounts from time to time to ensure that they still meet a person's needs. It is also important that they are designated properly.

Due diligence among the first steps in mergers and acquisitions

The mergers and acquisitions process breaks down into four phases, generally speaking. In a situation where two Wisconsin companies are merging or one company is acquiring another, the parties involved can expect to go through due diligence first, followed by the agreement phase, the integration phase and the value attainment phase.

Create a quality shareholders' agreement

If you are the head, founder or primary owner of a company in Wisconsin whose stock is publicly traded on the stock market, you have shareholders to answer to. As stockholders own bits and pieces of the business, they expect to know what is going on with the company and they expect you to protect their rights as shareholders. A quality shareholders' agreement is what you need to protect the company and its stockholders.

Figuring out fair support when parents have joint custody

Wisconsin parents who are negotiating custody or placement will also need to figure out child support payments. The process to figure both of these important aspects of life after divorce is complex and can become even more so if animosity arises. In fact, some experts believe that child support payments should not even exist when parents equally split custody since support exists to cover a child's needs not to equalize income or lifestyle.

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