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November 2018 Archives

Filing taxes as head of household

Newly divorced individuals may be able to save money on their taxes by filing for the head of household deduction. This is a status that is often negotiated in divorce settlements along with who has custody of the children and who takes possession of marital property.

Avoiding problems in estate plans

Wisconsin fans of comic book artist Stan Lee might be aware that there have been some issues surrounding his estate over the years. Earlier this year, he said that someone had stolen $1.4 million from his accounts. He also had a document notarized accusing his daughter of being emotionally abusive and trying to take advantage of him that he then took back. Furthermore, Lee had worked with a number of agents and managers over the years, and there may be multiple documents making different claims that will need to be sorted out.

Keeping the home after a divorce

In some Wisconsin divorces, estranged spouses might decide that one of them should keep the marital home. On the surface, this might seem like a straightforward decision, but both parties need to consider carefully multiple factors because owning the home and paying its mortgage could result in financial stress and hidden liabilities.

Shielding your property rights during a boundary dispute

On a daily basis, you may not give much thought to exactly where your property ends and your neighbor's begins. However, this may be more of an issue in a situation in which your neighbor wants to erect a fence along the property line or you want to add a pool deck. Sometimes, these matters can lead to full-blown disputes between neighboring property owners.

Lack of financial planning can spell disaster in divorce

For people facing divorce in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the United States, many questions abound regarding the best ways to navigate the situation from a financial standpoint. There are a number factors that play into how financial assets are divided during a divorce proceeding, including the amount of time spent married, the balance of income and whether any financial agreements were entered into jointly.

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