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March 2019 Archives

The pros and cons of assuming a mortgage after divorce

When a Wisconsin resident is awarded the family home during a divorce, there are a lot of serious questions they will need to answer. They will need to look at who will live in the home and who can afford to actually stay in it. These are serious matters that need to be considered. If the decision is not to sell the home, a new group of options open up.

Do-over trusts may allow grantors to revamp old trusts

People in Wisconsin who have gotten ahead of the game and established trusts as part of their estate plans may sometimes have cause to regret it. Those who create an irrevocable dynasty trust, for example, when their children are young might later feel that they should have drafted the terms of the trust differently. The estate planning environment decades ago did not anticipate the specific social and economic changes that could operate to make trust terms counterproductive.

Is your business ready to expand?

If one of your resolutions for the New Year was to expand your business, it is not too late to see that happen. Expanding a business can increase your profits, widen your customer base and build a solid reputation as a dependable and firmly established Wisconsin enterprise.

Children, divorce, texting and social media

There are many reasons parents in Wisconsin should be concerned about the usage of social media and texting by their children. However, in cases in which the parents have divorced, the use of the modern forms of communication can be beneficial. This is according to the results of a study that evaluated parent-child relationships after a divorce.

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