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May 2019 Archives

Augmented reality could change commercial real estate

By 2020, there could be up to 100 million people in Wisconsin and throughout America shopping with the help of augmented reality technology, or AR. While virtual reality technology has millions of users itself, AR is easier to use because it only requires a smartphone to do so. Instead of creating a totally immersive experience like VR technology does, AR technology simply adds features to whatever a person already sees.

Factors for child and spousal support calculations

Wisconsin residents who are required to pay alimony or child support should not try to manipulate their income to get their payments lowered. Courts generally look closely at all sources of compensation as well as lifestyle. However, the payor may want to take certain favorable measures. For example, if the person expects a large one-time bonus in the year ahead, it may be a good idea to complete the divorce beforehand.

Studies indicate a higher risk of divorce when wife earns more

In Wisconsin and elsewhere, women are earning more than their spouses at a greater rate than in the past. Nationally, women earn at least the same income as their spouses in nearly 38% of marriages. The change in the traditional breadwinner scenario is not a problem for most marriages in which it occurs, but for others, when the wife out-earns her husband, marital discord can ensue.

Do you know everything you should about a power of attorney?

Caring for an aging loved one can be a difficult and emotional process. There are many important legal and financial decisions your Wisconsin family will have to make on behalf of a parent or other person who needs assistance, and it's important to have the right documents to do this. Power of attorney is critical if you are caring for someone else.

Blended families may have unique estate planning concerns

Blended families in Wisconsin often have a number of complicated decisions to make over the years. In some cases, these complications arise when people come together with small children from previous relationships. In other cases, the issues can manifest when people with adult children who are already outside the home marry later in life, leading to a far more distant version of a blended family. One of the areas where issues can come up is estate planning, where it can be important for both parents to separate the interests of their children from the interests of their spouse.

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