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August 2019 Archives

Study examines child abuse, parental alienation claims

Wisconsin mothers who accuse their children's father of abuse and who are in turn accused by the father of parental alienation may lose custody of their children. In a study of 2,000 nationwide custody cases involving abuse and parental alienation conducted by a professor at George Washington University Law School, a mother's claim of child abuse was never substantiated if the father's parental alienation claim was. In cases involving sexual abuse, just one in 51 were substantiated if the father also claimed parental alienation.

Protecting pets with estate planning

Most households in Wisconsin have a pet, but few people think about what would happen to their animals if they suddenly passed away. Even though most people live far longer than dogs, cats and other domestic animals, planning for the future of a pet in case of the unexpected shows true compassion. By putting provisions for pets in a living trust, animals will get the care they need in both the short and the long-term.

Financial planning during a divorce

Spouses in Wisconsin who are ending a marriage should make a post-divorce budget. This can be particularly important for a partner who has not been very involved in the family finances. They should also think about how they will pay for the divorce and keep costs down.

Why adults should create an estate plan

Wisconsin residents may be able to use a series of documents that determine what happens to their property after they die. The documents can also be used to determine who cares for a minor child after a parent passes. Anyone who is 18 or older can benefit from having at least a will as part of their estate plans. A will can clarify who gets certain assets and why, which can prevent a costly court battle.

The factors to consider when choosing a business entity

Starting a business is an exciting time for a Wisconsin entrepreneur. During this stage of your business career, you will have to make many important choices that will affect the future of your company. This includes choosing the most appropriate type of business entity, or structure, for your company.

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