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Sometimes grandparents step into the parenting role

Not all Wisconsin parents are able to take care of their children for a variety of reasons. Life doesn't always go as planned, and life's struggles can sometimes get the better of them. This can cause parents to exhibit a variety of behaviors toward their children that could harm them.

A special needs trust may help you provide for your child

As the parent of a child with special needs, you certainly do not consider his or her disabilities as something that holds him or her back. You undoubtedly embrace your child's differences as part of his or her wonderful personality, physical appearance and general being. You likely have no intention of making your child feel as if he or she should be held back by any disabilities.

3 business formation mistakes that could set your company back

Wanting to start you own business may have come about for many reasons. You may have always had a product idea in mind that you thought could lead to success, or maybe you simply found yourself fed up with having someone else tell you what to do and decided to act as your own boss. Whatever the reason, you may feel ready to get started on getting your new company off the ground.

Corporations and LLCs offer unique protections

As you consider starting your own company, you may have many questions about the best way to structure your business. You may have heard advice from people who suggest that certain business entities can provide more benefits than others, but such advice may be contradictory and confusing.

How do I ask for a prenup?

If you are a child of divorce, you probably have very clear memories of the drama your parents went through during that time. Perhaps you witnessed screaming fights or the cancerous tension that grew into lifelong resentment. Maybe, after the divorce was over, you watched your custodial parent struggle to make ends meet because the divorce left him or her with nothing.

Key factors to avoid unlocking landlord/tenant problems

When you first took steps to fulfill your dream of being a landlord in Wisconsin, you likely understood there would be several types of challenges involved. From the actual logistics of finding and purchasing an apartment complex or other dwelling to developing a business plan, you probably knew that it wouldn't always be smooth sailing. In fact, many entrepreneurs like you enjoy the challenge of building new businesses the most.

Make sure your contract is enforceable if something goes wrong

In order to conduct business and receive the best possible opportunity at success, it will likely be necessary to enter into agreements with other companies who can provide you with goods or services or to which you can provide goods and services. You enter into such contracts knowing that you will fulfill your end of the contract, and you want to trust that the other party feels the same.

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