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If a parenting plan isn’t working, consider modification

There is a saying that the best laid plans often go awry, and this is certainly relevant in child custody cases. If you are going to share custody of your kids, you and your ex may spend hours and hours creating a parenting plan that you both agree with. However, things can change.

Who cares for children when the court terminates parental rights?

Anyone in Wisconsin who cares for children on a regular basis understands how challenging it can be. Today's world presents so many types of obstacles, problems and situations that were extremely rare or non-existent several decades ago. Some people say advanced technology is a crucial leading factor in the changing landscape of parenting and family life throughout the nation.

If we share custody, does someone still pay child support?

Child support was established at a time when courts typically awarded primary custody of the children to mothers, who often did not work outside the home. In most cases, there was an obvious need for financial assistance from the noncustodial parent.

Understanding child custody in Wisconsin

Sharing child custody in light of a divorce can be one of the most upsetting experiences a parent can go through. Not only is it difficult to think about giving up time with your kids, it can be painful to know you are giving that time to your ex, who you may not like or trust any more.

Can I change the amount of child support I pay or receive?

Payment of child support is a common point of contention for parents all across Wisconsin. And even though the courts use specific guidelines to calculate payments, it is not unusual if you ended up feeling like the amount is unfair. Whether you pay or receive child support, you could be wishing you could change the amount.

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