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Augmented reality could change commercial real estate

By 2020, there could be up to 100 million people in Wisconsin and throughout America shopping with the help of augmented reality technology, or AR. While virtual reality technology has millions of users itself, AR is easier to use because it only requires a smartphone to do so. Instead of creating a totally immersive experience like VR technology does, AR technology simply adds features to whatever a person already sees.

Climate change could significantly impact real estate markets

Successful investors in Wisconsin and around the country anticipate market trends and act accordingly. These trends are generally either economic or social, but it is scientific developments that are currently causing the most concern in the commercial real estate sector. This is because the latest science suggests that climate change could drastically alter the real estate landscape over the next half-century and wreak havoc on some of the nation's most lucrative markets.

How to sell a home

Wisconsin residents can take certain steps to make the home selling process as efficient and successful as possible. The following realtor tips should be strongly considered before any actions are taken to sell a home.

Ways to manage selling and buying a home at the same time

When people in Wisconsin want to sell a home and find a new one to buy, timing and financial pressures represent great challenges. People who sell their homes before they secure new residences face a time crunch. Alternatively, people trying to buy homes while still saddled with mortgages on their other homes operate at a disadvantage in the real estate market. To overcome these tricky situations, experts have some strategies that might help.

Financial experts predict flat commercial property prices

Research from some financial experts in the real estate industry indicates that commercial property pricing trends have stabilized and will likely to stay steady for at least six months to a year. Part of the reason for this phenomenon is that interest rates have ceased declining and have even risen. Since the economy continues to do well, the Federal Reserve is likely to raise the prime rate again by the end of 2018.

Internet commerce may change industrial real estate

Many real estate developers in Wisconsin are already thinking about how to tailor their next commercial real estate projects to appeal to a rising market: the young people of Generation Z. It is the generation that follows the much-discussed Millennials, and its members were born in 1996 or later. While many "Gen Z" youth are too young to invest or buy into real estate projects, its oldest members are graduating from college, entering the workforce and developing their investment and real estate portfolios. As a result, developers are looking to create new projects with timeless appeal that also speak to the specific concerns and desires of this growing market.

Reasons why a house won't sell

Even in a seller's market, it can be difficult for some homes in Wisconsin or other states to sell quickly or for top dollar. One reason may be that the home is not listed correctly. Buyers tend to look for homes that meet specific criteria such as having three bedrooms or a finished basement. If a home is incorrectly listed, a buyer may never find it during his or her search.

Buyers still have opportunities amid rising home prices

People shopping for homes in Wisconsin have likely encountered rising prices and a tight inventory. These factors have influenced home markets nationwide, but overall home prices are lower than they were ten years ago after adjusting for inflation. Interest rates, despite six quarter-point increases by the Federal Reserve System, remain low when compared to historical rates.

Buyers remain confident despite low inventory of homes

House hunters in Wisconsin, for the most part, can expect a competitive environment when they try to buy a home in 2018. Responses to a survey prepared by indicate that buyers are optimistic about their chances of finding the perfect home even though many of them have been searching for months.

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