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Buyers still have opportunities amid rising home prices

People shopping for homes in Wisconsin have likely encountered rising prices and a tight inventory. These factors have influenced home markets nationwide, but overall home prices are lower than they were ten years ago after adjusting for inflation. Interest rates, despite six quarter-point increases by the Federal Reserve System, remain low when compared to historical rates.

Buyers remain confident despite low inventory of homes

House hunters in Wisconsin, for the most part, can expect a competitive environment when they try to buy a home in 2018. Responses to a survey prepared by indicate that buyers are optimistic about their chances of finding the perfect home even though many of them have been searching for months.

Buying a home may be harder than getting married

Wisconsin residents may feel that buying a home with a partner is easier than getting married. However, the opposite may actually be true. For instance, those who want to end their marriage may only need to divide joint assets. To leave a house, a person will need to find a buyer, and that may not be easy depending on the condition of the home.

Investing wisely in commercial real estate

Investors in Wisconsin who are interested in commercial real estate have many factors to consider if they want to make wise choices and be successful. If investors opt to purchase and manage commercial properties by themselves, there are certain issues of which they should be aware and certain mistakes they should know how to avoid making.

What older people should know about buying a house

In 2016, 30 percent of all homes were purchased by individuals between the ages of 52 and 70. Another 8 percent of home purchases were made by those between the ages of 71 and 91. While there is no age at which it is too late to buy a house in Wisconsin, there are a series of questions older people may want to ask themselves before making a purchase.

Wisconsin city sees major spike in property values, appeals filed

Assessing the value of a property is no easy task, especially when you are talking about the value of commercial property. Assessors of commercial property often value property based on select factors like cost of construction, income of the property and sales of comparable properties, of which there are often few.

Despite tech tools, construction defects still plague projects

Construction projects have the potential to be massive, complex undertakings. This is especially true when the project involves commercial property or other large-scale operations. Between the number of people involved and the scale of work being performed, there are a lot details and moving parts to keep track of.

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