Children, divorce, texting and social media

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There are many reasons parents in Wisconsin should be concerned about the usage of social media and texting by their children. However, in cases in which the parents have divorced, the use of the modern forms of communication can be beneficial. This is according to the results of a study that evaluated parent-child relationships after a divorce.

The results of the research also indicated when the children and the parent no longer resided in the same household after a divorce but did remain in contact, the state of the relationship between the divorced parents did not matter. The communication between the children and parent was the most important factor in the parent-child relationship.

One of the co-authors of the study asserts that parents who have divorced should make every effort to have regular and consistent communication with their children. In-person contact is important, but parents contacting their children by text or social media can also demonstrate to the children that the parents care.

For the study, the researchers examined data collected from almost 400 divorced parents in the United States who had children with ages ranging from 10 to 18 years. The researchers determined that after a divorce, there were three types of co-parenting relationships, including conflicted, moderately engaged and cooperative.

Multiple aspects of the parent-child relationship were also examined. The researchers studied the parental knowledge of the children, parental closeness and warmness and inconsistent discipline.

A family law attorney may consider the goals of a divorcing parent and may recommend certain legal avenues to pursue to obtain the desired divorce settlement terms. Litigation may be used to resolve disputes regarding issues related to the children, such as child custody, visitation and child support. Depending on the circumstances of the divorce, the attorney may negotiate for favorable settlement terms.