Debt can cause stress in a marriage

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Couples in Wisconsin and throughout the country who went into debt to pay for a wedding are more likely to get divorced. This is according to a survey from LendingTree that included 506 people between the ages of 18 and 53 who were married in the past two years. It found that 45% of married couples went into debt to pay for their wedding. Of those who took out loans to pay for wedding expenses, 47% thought about getting divorced because of financial issues.

Of those who didn’t have wedding debt, only 9% thought about ending their marriages because of financial issues. Those who went into debt to finance were more likely to argue with their spouses about money compared to those who did not. Roughly a quarter of those who took part in the survey said that they had regrets about how much they spent to get married. Those regrets typically revolved around how much they paid for the venue.

Money was not the only thing that individuals worried about while planning their wedding. For 32% of respondents, their families were the biggest cause of stress during that time while 28% said that money caused the most stress. Another 17% said that creating a guest list was the worst part of planning their big day.

Those who do get divorced may have questions about child support, property division or other components of a settlement. An attorney may be able to answer those questions and address any other concerns that a divorcing individual may have. For some, it may be best to consult with a legal professional prior to initiating divorce proceedings. This may make it possible for a person to learn more about their rights and whether divorce is truly in their best interest.