Divorce With Special Needs Children

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Divorce is always challenging, and a special needs child can make it even more difficult. Although the love a parent has for a child runs deep, the court will review the child’s best interests when entering orders regarding legal custody and physical placement.

Of course, it is always best for two parents to agree on what is best for a child rather than to have strangers (i.e., Guardian ad Litem, social worker, and the judge) make recommendations or orders. Parents should always make a valiant effort to reach a parenting plan, particularly with a special needs child. When discussing your parenting plan, you should first discuss how much you and your ex-spouse agree that the child needs consistency and a healthy routine and how that can be best accommodated with a shared placement schedule. Parents may also want to consider the age of the child, the overall needs of the child, other siblings, third-party childcare needs, school needs, and so on.

Many factors should be considered when determining the best interests of your special needs child and how to provide the child with the necessary levels of stability, consistency, and routine to allow your child to thrive. Do not hesitate to contact Attorney Kelly Neitzke at 262-547-5517 to discuss the best options for your family and your unique needs child. With over 23 years of legal experience, Attorney Neitzke has the expertise to give you the representation you deserve.