DIY estate plans versus face-to-face legal consultations

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In Wisconsin and across the United States, many people handle their estate planning via less expensive online legal services. Although drafting a will via a do-it-yourself website sounds like a good idea, this method can cause unexpected errors. For instance, the plan may contain typos or incorrect labels on the packages. Plus, some online estate plans may not include all of the essential documents. Even though online estate planning websites employ lawyers for legal advice, consumers cannot have personal consultations without paying exorbitant fees.

Additionally, some individuals have complex financial assets requiring more legal attention than the information found at an online website. Although most people today prefer doing things on their own via the internet, a personal consultation is often warranted. Many options exist for people who want to plan their own estates via online websites or software programs. The less expensive price for using a website or buying software appeals to the average consumer. However, an estate plan that’s not thorough can lead to many problems down the road.

A good estate plan includes legal documents designed to sidetrack probate. A typical estate plan includes a will, trust, power of attorney and an advance health care directive. Online websites offer documents in which people fill in the blanks. Some websites charge more money for the privilege of including these four essential documents in the estate plans.

Someone who wants to create estate planning documents may fare better by hiring an attorney. High-net-worth individuals and couples may find that online services do not meet all of their complicated requirements. Any person with concerns about assets can have a consultation with an estate planning attorney.