Employment contracts and protecting your business interests

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Wisconsin business owners understand the importance of taking certain steps to ensure they have the legal protection necessary to shield the interests of their company. One important way you can do this for your business is to have strong, enforceable contracts, including employment contracts. This specific type of business contract can help you protect your operations in the future. 

Not every company has or needs employment contracts. However, it is important to consider the future needs of your business and determine whether they could prove beneficial for you. As your company grows and more employees are hired, it could become essential to draft these contracts for all of the men and women you employ.

What is in an employment contract?

What you should include in your employment contract depends on your needs, your business and the specific goals you have for your company. One of the most basic aspects of any employment contract is to outline the obligations of the signer and your responsibilities as the employer. Many employers find it beneficial to include the following in their agreements: 

  • How employees can voice concerns and seek a resolution for disputes
  • How long the person will have employment with your company
  • Policies involving vacations, sick days and requesting leave
  • Ground you may list for termination or suspension
  • Emphasizing ownership of company assets, such as materials or company cars
  • Non-compete clauses or terminology that protects the intellectual property of your business 

It is impossible to know what will happen in the future, but having employment contracts can ensure that your business is not facing unnecessary exposure to avoidable problems or even potential litigation. The well-being of your company depends on your employees and the work they do, and it is smart to have a legally binding agreement that makes obligations and responsibilities very clear.

The right way to protect your company

You may not ever have issues with your employees or find yourself in a situation in which you are in an employment dispute, but having these contracts can provide a certain peace of mind. It is smart to protect your company by avoiding problems as much as possible instead of reacting to problems as they arise.

If you think your company could benefit from employee contracts or other measures, a complete evaluation of your case can help you understand how to move forward with the option most appropriate for your company.