Factors that may influence a divorce settlement

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Ideally, a person will try to resolve a divorce in a timely manner. In some cases, this may mean Wisconsin residents opt to have their divorce settled with the help of a mediator. Regardless of how an individual chooses to go through this process, it is important to come to mediation or other negotiation sessions prepared. This means having a clear understanding of what that person needs out of a settlement.

It is generally possible to get most or all of the items on the needs list. It may also be a good idea to understand what the other person may need from the divorce. By empathizing with the other side, it may make it easier for each party to cooperate and negotiate in good faith with each other. This may result in a timely divorce settlement that each side can be content with.

Anyone who is going through a divorce should have an idea of their financial status before and after the marriage ends. For some, alimony and child support payments may negate a portion of their income. Therefore, it makes sense to understand how they may impact a person’s finances before agreeing to a final settlement. State law may use income as a basis for calculating child support or alimony payments. A person’s financial standing may also help determine which assets he or she asks for in a final settlement.

There may be many issues that need to be resolved when a marriage ends. For instance, it may be necessary to determine who pays child support or who may receive alimony. In some cases, a prenuptial agreement may determine the answers to those and others questions surrounding a divorce settlement. An attorney may be able to review such an agreement to determine its validity.