How people can prepare for divorce

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Divorce can be a costly and difficult process, so one of the first steps that people in Wisconsin should take is making sure they want to go through with it. They should also do some research, including looking into state laws and finding out which professionals may be helpful. For example, in addition to an attorney, a person may want to hire a therapist.

Getting organized is important. This includes everything from collecting bank statements and tax returns to closing joint accounts and making a post-divorce budget. All of this information, along with thinking about personal and financial goals for after the divorce, can help a person plan what to ask for in the divorce. For example, a person may make a budget and find that keeping the marital home is not affordable.

A divorce does not have to go into litigation. Some couples might be able to reach an agreement using a collaborative divorce or mediation. Child custody can be a difficult area to agree on, but parents should focus on trying to make a schedule that is in the best interests of the child. People should also make an effort to take care of themselves during the divorce.

Although litigation cannot always be avoided, one potential disadvantage is that people may be unhappy with a judge’s decision but be unable to change it. However, if there is a child support or child custody agreement in place that is no longer workable, it may be possible to go back to court and request a modification. Usually, parents request a modification when there has been a significant change in circumstances. For example, a parent who has been paying support might have had a drop in income, or one parent might need to relocate, which will affect the custody and visitation arrangement.