January is a tough month for marriages

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For many Wisconsin couples, January is the start of a new beginning. In fact, many spouses file for divorce during the first month of the year. It’s estimated that one in five couples considers a divorce after the holidays.

Couples on the brink of divorce might want to consider a checklist of things they need to do before calling a family law attorney. For starters, they should gather all the necessary financial information. This includes bank statements, pay stubs if W2s aren’t available, last year’s tax returns and credit card bills. People can even get credit reports on themselves and their spouses. This information can be used in determining child and spousal support.

Spouses who post personal information on social media might want to think twice. Anything posted on the web could be used against a person during a divorce. Therefore, individuals should take a break from posting anything but kind posts. Since divorces are stressful, people should also take care of themselves. They might want to take up a new hobby, work out at the gym or just pamper themselves.

Divorce can be a complicated process, especially when children or large assets are involved. Divorcing couples may want to consult with family law attorneys about how best to protect their interests during the separation process. If a divorce turns spiteful or vindictive, a family law attorney could be a good-between between the warring spouses. Such an attorney may also be able to keep the divorce on track as well as draw up the necessary paperwork the courts require.