Money, cheating and fighting most likely to end a marriage

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Despite declining divorce rates, there is no guarantee that a couple in Wisconsin won’t see their marriage come to an end. While infidelity or fighting are among the most common reasons why divorces occur, they are not the only ones. For instance, if a couple is having financial problems, it could indicate that the nuptials will not last. This is because a lack of money can put stress on a relationship that can cause it to fail.

If a person gets sick or experiences a serious injury, his or her marriage could face a tough test. This is because an individual’s health care needs often causes financial strain. In some cases, a partner is not capable of carrying more of the load in the relationship until the sick or injured person recovers. If an individual has problems with drugs or alcohol, it may result in a marriage coming to an end.

However, former couples may not agree that substance abuse was the reason why a marriage failed. Instead, the person who was addicted to drugs or alcohol may claim it occurred for some other reason. Finally, a lack of commitment was one of the top reasons why marriages came to an end. Typically, these marriages consisted of a person who felt that their spouses were more like friends than romantic partners.

When a couple gets divorced, it may be necessary to determine how property is divided and where the children will live. A prenuptial agreement may dictate how property division issues are handled. While parents may create a custody agreement on their own, it will typically need to be approved by a judge. An attorney might be able to review a prenuptial agreement or provide insight into whether a parenting plan is likely to obtain court approval.