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How people can prepare for divorce

Divorce can be a costly and difficult process, so one of the first steps that people in Wisconsin should take is making sure they want to go through with it. They should also do some research, including looking into state laws and finding out which professionals may be helpful. For example, in addition to an attorney, a person may want to hire a therapist.

Money, cheating and fighting most likely to end a marriage

Despite declining divorce rates, there is no guarantee that a couple in Wisconsin won't see their marriage come to an end. While infidelity or fighting are among the most common reasons why divorces occur, they are not the only ones. For instance, if a couple is having financial problems, it could indicate that the nuptials will not last. This is because a lack of money can put stress on a relationship that can cause it to fail.

Divorce after an illness

When Wisconsin couples get married, their marriage vows may contain a promise to stick together "in sickness and in health". However, there is some evidence that suggests that not all spouses are up to this challenge.

Divorce announcement could divide fortune of Amazon founder

The news that Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man, will end his marriage easily inspires thoughts about how the divorce will divide the fortune that he has amassed during his marriage. When people in Wisconsin get divorces, they also need to divide their marital assets, and speculation about how the Bezoses will divide their shared assets reveals issues that often accompany high-asset divorces.

How to get back child support

Parents in Wisconsin and throughout the country may need to take steps to collect child support that they are owed. In some cases, this means asking a judge to compel the other parent to pay a past-due balance. Parents will generally pursue back support in a state court, but it may be possible to do so in a federal court in certain instances.

How to talk finances before a marriage

Married couples in Wisconsin tend to do better when they share similar values related to money. According to an Experian survey in 2017, 59 percent of respondents said that financial issues played some role in their marriages coming to an end. Furthermore, 26 percent said that their spouse's credit score strained their relationships to some degree.

How parents may share custody despite conflict

Not all parents in Wisconsin may be able to create a healthy co-parenting relationship after a divorce. While maintaining positive communication is ideal, there might simply be too many negative feelings for parents to move forward in a cooperative manner. However, parents can share custody, or one might have visitation rights. The goal is to keep parental conflict to a minimum as this can be emotionally damaging to the kids.

Filing taxes as head of household

Newly divorced individuals may be able to save money on their taxes by filing for the head of household deduction. This is a status that is often negotiated in divorce settlements along with who has custody of the children and who takes possession of marital property.

Keeping the home after a divorce

In some Wisconsin divorces, estranged spouses might decide that one of them should keep the marital home. On the surface, this might seem like a straightforward decision, but both parties need to consider carefully multiple factors because owning the home and paying its mortgage could result in financial stress and hidden liabilities.

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