Parents and denied child visitation

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Wisconsin parents who have been denied visitation with their children may have legal recourse. However, they should first understand the reasons for the denied visitation before taking any action.

The family courts order complete child visitation denials very rarely, but there are reasons they may do so. A common reason is that there is a belief that safety during visitation may be an issue. Judges could believe that visitation presents an emotional or physical threat to the wellbeing of the children.

Parents who have been denied visitation may be required to participate in drug or alcohol treatment programs, parenting classes or anger management work before being allowed regular visitation. If this occurs, it is advisable to comply with the requirements in order to show a commitment to the children.

Sometimes, the court will require that the parent’s time with the children be supervised, instead of ordering a complete denial of visitation. In such cases, the visitation site and who provides the supervision may not be up to the parent.

Parents who are given supervised visits should make sure to obtain all the details regarding where the visit will occur, how long each visit can take and who will be qualified to act in a supervisory role. It’s also important to know whether the order is temporary or contingent on the fulfillment of other requirements dictated by the court.

A family law attorney can work to protect the rights of a parent who has been denied child visitation or is facing other custody-related disputes. The lawyer may explain the legal options available for getting visitation rights restored.