Disputes can arise during the probate and trust administration process. Unfortunately, these disputes often involve family members.

At Waukesha-based Walden Neitzke & Kuhary, S.C., we understand the importance of preserving family relationships and ensuring the deceased’s final wishes are carried out. Our lawyers help the beneficiaries of wills and trusts, personal representatives, and trustees throughout Wisconsin resolve their disputes as quickly and effectively as possible.

At Walden Neitzke & Kuhary, S.C., we provide skilled representation during complex and contentious courtroom litigation. Our attorneys are aggressive litigators and smart negotiators. We fight to protect our clients’ interests. Working closely with our clients, we develop strategic legal campaigns that resolve their disputes and get them the best outcome possible for their circumstances.

Broadly Experienced Trust Litigation Attorneys

At Walden Neitzke & Kuhary, S.C., we represent personal representatives, trustees, fiduciaries and beneficiaries in estate and trust litigation. Our attorneys bring and defend against a wide variety of cases involving claims of trustee or personal representative misconduct, power of attorney accounting actions and other invalidity claims, including:

  • Will contests — Courts typically uphold wills as representing the final wishes of the deceased. However, disputes can erupt over the validity of the will. When the deceased was unduly influenced, his or her mental capacity was compromised, or there is evidence of forgery, wills may be contested.
  • Powers of attorney disputes — Agents have the power to make financial and health care-related decisions on behalf of incapacitated or elderly individuals. When agents are accused of abusing their powers, legal disputes may follow.
  • Trustee litigation — Every move a trustee makes must be to advance the interests of the beneficiaries. When beneficiaries feel trustees aren’t living up to their duties, they may sue for damages or have the trustees replaced.
  • Personal representative litigation — Personal representatives are liable to the heirs under the will, creditors of the estate, and the state and federal government for taxes owed. Failure to fulfill your duties as a personal representative can expose you to personal liability.
  • Beneficiary litigation — Beneficiaries of wills and trusts have rights. If your rights to property, money or other distributions from the trust or estate are being ignored, legal recourse is available.

Protect Your Interests; Protect Yourself From Personal Liability.

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