Shielding your property rights during a boundary dispute

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On a daily basis, you may not give much thought to exactly where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins. However, this may be more of an issue in a situation in which your neighbor wants to erect a fence along the property line or you want to add a pool deck. Sometimes, these matters can lead to full-blown disputes between neighboring property owners.

If you and your neighbor are unsure of where the property line lies or you are embroiled in a bitter fight over a portion of land, it is important to get the answers necessary to resolve this issue once and for all. Boundary disputes can be costly and stressful, and it is always smart to know how to protect your property interests. It may be helpful to know about the various legal options available to you.

Ways to solve the problem 

Boundary disputes can be complex. It is not always easy to know the best way forward to resolve this issue, and it is prudent to look for the simplest and least expensive solution. Possible ways you can solve a problem over a boundary line include:

  • Of course, seeking an out-of-court solution is the most reasonable and least expensive option. It may be possible to work with your neighbor on a reasonable solution that will be beneficial for both parties.
  • If further action is necessary, the next step may be to have a new survey of the property done. This may eliminate the need for additional legal steps.
  • Depending on your situation, it may be prudent to move forward with a quiet title action. This essentially asks a judge to review documentation and other information and make a determination about where the property line is. 

Ultimately, it is in your interests to resolve this process as quickly and cost efficiently as possible. It is always wise to protect your property rights and shield yourself from complex and costly litigation. 

Working for a beneficial solution

You may be unsure of where to begin to resolve a property dispute, but you do not have to face it alone. It may be helpful to seek a complete evaluation of the case in order to identify the most appropriate course of action for you. Property owners may benefit from the guidance of experienced Wisconsin real estate attorneys to resolve issues regarding property lines and boundaries.