Steps to take when one spouse fights a divorce

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Divorce can be a pretty traumatic experience to begin with, and it is a situation that can deteriorate quickly if one party has a negative attitude. That’s why it’s important for Wisconsin spouses to protect themselves if the other spouse has a high-conflict personality.

Such spouses may fight the divorce every step of the way, dragging out the process and accumulating unnecessary high legal fees. They may fight over child custody and support and may even try to poison the children’s minds about the other parent. They may fight over property division or hide marital assets.

When one spouse exhibits such behavior, the other spouse should make sure to get everything in writing. It might become necessary to leave communications to the attorneys. Additionally, when one spouse has a high-conflict personality, the other spouse should get all financial documents, especially pay stubs and bank accounts, in one place prior to filing for divorce. This is a precautionary move as the difficult spouse may try to hide assets that should be part of the property division. Divorces are hard on children so both spouses should try to leave them out of this. If one parent starts a fight about the divorce in front of the kids, the other parent should end the conversation.

In some cases, people may have to get restraining orders to ensure their safety. A family law attorney may be able to help in obtaining this. The attorney also may be able to handle all communications with the other spouse and the other attorney, cutting down on the stress to the client.