Driving under the influence of alcohol is an extremely dangerous decision that puts countless lives at risk even on a short drive home. Lawmakers treat this crime very seriously, and the consequences for it matches.

Every year, roughly one and a half million people are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When any conviction on a record can threaten a future, you want to be sure you are building your best possible defense when you receive charges.

What a DUI defense looks like

There are more defenses to DUI charges than you might expect. DUI defenses include:

  1. Mistake of fact: if the driver genuinely believed that they were not under the influence. An example of this would be their prescription wearing off.
  2. Necessity: when driving under the influence was in the interest of the greater good, such as driving to the hospital to save a life.
  3. Duress: someone forced the driver to drive under the influence. A threat of force would be an example of duress.
  4. Involuntary intoxication: if the driver did not know that they had consumed alcohol. This can happen if the driver consumed punch from a “spiked” bowl.

In addition to defending the driver’s actions, a defense can also include attacking the nature of the arrest. By proving the accuracy of the test that the police used to confirm intoxication or how the police performed the arrest, an experienced lawyer can get the charges dropped or reduced.

Find the right defense

The right defense can successfully protect the future of a person who received a DUI conviction. By knowing what strategies there are against these charges, you are one step close to beating them.