What should you consider when choosing a business name?

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You have finally made the decision to move forward with starting your own business. You and any other individuals you have on your team may feel immensely excited about taking on this venture. Though you have many steps ahead of you, starting with the most basic elements may be wise.

You could already have a name for your business picked out in your mind, but it is important that the name not only helps your company, but also complies with any necessary legal requirements. Therefore, it may work in your best interests to keep in mind some good practices when it comes to choosing a business name.

Smart moves

Choosing a business name goes far beyond picking a slip of paper out of a hat. Even if you and your team have been referring to the company as a certain name for some time, you may not have the ability to actually implement that name. Therefore, you may want to consider the following tips:

  • How does the name sound when spoken? Names can have an oral impact.
  • How unique is the name? You certainly do not want your business confused with another or to accidentally infringe on a trademark.
  • Is the name easy to pronounce and understand? While you want something unique, you do not want something overly challenging for future clients or customers.
  • Is the name descriptive? A name can help prospective clients and customers immediately know the services or products offered by a business.
  • Do you have alternatives? Though you might have your heart set on a particular name, another company may already use it, or it may not be available for another reason.

Choosing a name is an important part of the business formation process. You certainly want customers to have the ability to quickly associate the word or phrase used in your name with quality services or products.

Meeting requirements

Depending on your area or what type of business you plan to conduct, you may need to determine whether any legal issues could affect the name you choose. Because you will need to consider many legal matters while forming your business, it may work in your best interests to enlist the help of an attorney who can provide you with information regarding choosing a business name and on other aspects of your journey to start your business.