Why should you choose a general law firm?

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Whenever you have to interact with the law, whether it is a criminal charge or a family law matter or an estate planning concern, you should speak to an attorney. But how do you choose one?

Finding the right lawyer for you means finding a lawyer who wants to understand your needs and your preferences. You may need one specific outcome and you’d prefer it to be done in a specific way. One question you may not have considered is: should you go with a general practice law firm or with an attorney who specializes in an area? Here is why a local, general law firm makes sense:

A long-term relationship

As trite and cliché as it may sound, you are unique. What matters to you, what will make or break a legal outcome for you, is your priority. You get to decide. And when your attorney gets to know you, when you build a relationship with a firm, they can bring that understanding to any issue. You won’t have to convince a new attorney about what you want, because they already know you.

Service with a local understanding…

In a county like Waukesha, how well your attorney understands the area and the courts can be an immense benefit. An attorney who understands Waukesha can:

  • Explain the local business ecosystem to a new business owner
  • Leverage an understanding of judges and prosecutors to mount an effective criminal defense
  • Provide a relevant, personalized legal perspective on a real estate purchase
  • Offer family law services designed to work under Wisconsin law

While a local lawyer can do much of that, a general law firm can meet all those needs effectively and in one place.

And without overspecialization

The law is complex because the needs of people are complex. What works and what does not work is by no means standard. Offering a standard solution or just looking at one piece of the law can seriously underserve a complicated case. With a general law firm, you have several attorneys working in tandem to bring multiple perspectives to your legal matter.

One firm for your needs

With a general law firm focused on the lives of people and businesses in Waukesha, you get the benefits of a comprehensive legal solution, tempered by local understanding, just for you. In other words, you get to pursue the outcome you want in the way you want it. It’s hard to imagine a better choice to make.